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Church of God Mission, Victory Chapel, Dallas.

Vision Statement

To build people into leadership, with global passion, deeply rooted in Christ

Mission Statement

Evangelizing the lost for their total transformation, Spirit, Soul, and body, developing them into leaders

We are interested in your well-being. (Spirit Soul, and body). Please make our church your home and let’s build God’s kingdom together. Join us, for a life changing experience. My wife and I, and the Church family look forward to getting to know you more personally to establish divine relationship with you. I pray that God will take you to greater heights in all areas of your life, increase and bless you beyond your wildest imagination to His glory and praise. Amen! We love you.

Men’s Ministry

We are Men Fellowship of Church of God Mission, Victory Chapel, Dallas. We are godly men in Christ who fellowship together to serve and meet each other’s needs through His word.

Women’s Ministry

We are Christian Women Fellowship (CWFI), Victory Chapel Dallas. We believe in the Word of God and through his Word, we are strengthened to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. CWFI welcomes both married women and adult singles.

Youth Ministry

We are Christian Youth Fellowship International of Church of God Mission International, Victory Chapel, Dallas. We believe in soul winning and growing in the Word of God to impact our members and the Church positively.

Children’s Ministry

The Children Ministry is a purposeful ministry where we taught Children the basis of the scriptures. We nurture our members to grow in knowledge, wisdom, understanding and become to achieve God’s purpose in their lives.



Thank you very much for worshipping with us. Church Of God Mission Int’l, Victory Chapel, is open to everyone regardless of race/color, looking for a church family they can call a home.

We are a non-denominational church. Our goal is to build people into leadership, with global passion, deeply rooted in Christ.

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